Event Horizon

by Bohemian Groove

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released June 6, 2014



all rights reserved


Bohemian Groove Guildford, UK

Hailing from the deep, dark woods of Transylvania, Bohemian Groove's blend of blues, heavy rock and psychedelic is sure to get your blood pumping, your feet stomping and your heart begging for more!

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Track Name: The Fugitive
Millions of years to be found
Inside my soul
I'd burn these walls to the ground
Before morning's first toll

I've played the cards I was dealt
And, thought not recieved,
My teachings are to be felt
And not believed

If I am free, it's because I'm running
If I am free, it's because I'm never through

The new light of day burns my eyes
From morning so cold
I hope we all shed our disguise
Let story unfold

And though we stand close in the sun
We're worlds apart
The day to rejoice has begun
Open your heart!

If I am free, it's because I'm running
If I am free, it's because I'm never through
If I am free, it's because I wasn't here at all
If I am free, it's because I'm ...

Burn the sinner!
Kill his lies!
The beginning
Of demise
Track Name: Dusk
Darkness at the edge of town
Turned my mind pale blue
My mind a weapon
To reach inside of you

My words surround me
My body starts to ache
Ask for forgiveness
But it's not mine to take

I've been flying high
Searching for a reason
In this deep blue sky
There's no room for treason

Through endless days and sleepless nights
The real light shines through
My sole posession
The gift I have for you

Ask not about it
There is no time to wait
Seek not redemption
Redemption's come too late

I've renounced my name
No more to surrender
In this blessed game
There is but one contender

Say the word and you shall know
Speak the truth and you shall grow
Close your eyes and you shall see
What there is, it cannot be!
Track Name: Sanctuary
There, in the evening
Stood under a maple tree
Looking for something that I might need
Looking for someone who might need me

A dog biting his nails
Came right to my knees
Whispering these magic words
Said: "Hear me if you please...

Watch your thoughts for they might harm you
Know that this rings true
Choose your words for they can be
Friend or foe to you"

And as the stars were burning brighter
The wise dog walked away
Left me in a state of wonder
Dream another day
Track Name: Blindfold
Superstitious, narrow-minded
Yeah, that's what you are
You're blinded by your conclusions
Come now tear them up!
The good is bad, the bad is good
There's no one solution
Find the voice that speaks for truth
It'll take you far away!

Dreamless child, brokenhearted
That's what you've become
You've let them take the love away
Then you faded right away..
It's not too late, there is still time
To catch up with yourself
Come now get out of this rut
And find the joy again!

When you feel you're down
Remember that you can change yourself
Into a better man, a free man, yeah!
Track Name: Dimension
I've seen this place before
People hide in all familiar places
You need but speak my name and see
The smile returning to their faces

I've seen this place before
I've seen the monster everybody's facing
I beat him once before
Now here I come, here I come racing

You've seen this place before
What lies inside you is not rotten
Seek not outside you, but whitin
Relearn the love that's been forgotten

You've seen this thing before
You've seen the monster, witnessed his temptation
you beat him once before
You saw that it was just your own creation

Gonna find myself a reason,
Gonna find myself a cure,
Gonna see my mind is ready,
Gonna see my heart is pure!